Please remember to contact the office on 03000 262368 to make payment within 3 working days for the exams and if applicable the accompanist fees.

Please DO NOT make a payment via the website.

Terms and conditions for Trinity exams:

Trinity are no longer providing a physical paper certificate automatically.  

Trinity ensures that for security reasons the email address is intrinsically linked to your child's digital exam certificate. When your child passes their exam, Trinity will send an email to your email address with a weblink to your child's digital certificate. This email will also provide further instructions on how you can access the digital certificate. It will also provide information about how you may choose to purchase a paper certificate in addition to their digital certificate, via Trinity’s certificate purchasing service (£5). Trinity will use the email address of the candidate to help verify their right to purchase a paper certificate. 

Trinity shares your email address with a third party provider, Accredible, in order to provide your child's digital certificate. 

For further details about how Trinity uses the candidate’s email address please see Privacy Statement | Trinity College London.  

Durham music service is external to the Trinity exams boards, so please contact Trinity directly in regards the certificates if you have any queries. They will not use your email or details for any other purpose. 

Exams to be held between Monday the 15th and Friday the 19th of July 2024.

  • Your child must be available during this exam weeks.  

  • The exam will take place on a weekday between 09:00 and 17:00This may mean your child has to come out from schoolYou will need to tell your child’s school once you know of the date and timeThey should then be awarded their attendance mark and won’t be classed as absent from school.  

If there are days when your child is unavailable e.g. on holiday, taking another external exam, please tell us before making payment. We will try to fit around this before confirming the exam entry but it may mean your child cannot take the exam. Please add this information in the "specify dates you are unavailable" box.

  • After entries are made to the exam board it will not be possible to rearrange exam appointments and fees paid will not be returned by the exam board.
  • After entries are made to the exam board, the fees paid will not be returned by Trinity Exam Board. 

  • If your child is ill on the day of the exam, the entry fee will not be refunded by the exam board unless you get a medical note, when the exam board may give you a partial refund. Any accompaniment fees are normally carried forward to the next session. 

  • A rehearsal with the accompanist will be arranged before the day of the exam (usually in a central location.   

  • Candidates taking grades 6-8 will need to bring a form of photo ID to their exam. 

  • By submitting entry to Durham Music Service, you agree that the information will be processed by computer and used in accordance with the exam application made by Durham County Council under the terms of the General Data Protection Act 2018.
  • Candidates who require any adjustments to their exam, or wish to make the examiner aware of a disability or health condition must ensure this information is entered in the SEN section of the on line form.

          Fees (exam cost is paid in full to exam board – no part of this fee goes to DMS) 




Exam Cost 


Accompaniment Cost 






































Please remember to contact the office on 03000 262368 to make payment within 3 working days for the exams and if applicable the accompanist fees. Please DO NOT pay via the website.

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