Jennie Cashman Wilson – Founder and CEO of the Abram Wilson Foundation

Since 2006 Jennie has been based in London working with professional performing artists and educators specialising in a range of genres at nationally and internationally recognised venues across the UK. Jennie began working with the critically acclaimed award-winning jazz musician, Abram Wilson in 2009 and eventually took on the role of his manager and booking agent in 2011. After Abram passed away in 2012 Jennie established the Abram Wilson Foundation for Creative Arts and is inspired by something Abram said, “Though life is hard I come from a history of greatness, so I will be great”. The Abram Wilson Foundation aims to help young people become the greatest version of themselves through music. Between 2012 – 2017 it reached over 3,000 disadvantaged young people and worked with nearly 60 performing artists.