Durham Music Service: 


  • Will deliver regular sessions for the duration of the programme length except forDurham Music Service CPD Sessions, Music Service Events and external exam sessions at which teacher support is essential. We aim to deliver a minimum of 30 sessions during a full year and a maximum of 36 (or pro rata equivalent).
  • Will endeavour, but cannot always guarantee, cover for staff absence due to the specialist nature of the work and the need for all staff to have an enhanced DBS check. Cover will not be provided in the first week of absence
  • Will support the work of the class teacher/classroom assistant by jointly planning the year’s objectives. This planning can be shared and revisited during the year.
  • Can provide details of the resources used to enable follow up work in school.
  • Will provide instruments where required. All guitars, ukuleles, brass, strings and woodwind instruments will be provided and maintained by the Music Service. Please note Durham Music Service does not provide recorders.
  • Will provide accessories and maintenance for all projects: this includes checking and cleaning instruments, repairing minor damage and providing strings, reeds and valve oil. A small additional maintenance charge is added to the cost of brass, ukulele/guitar, brass and wind programmes.
  • Can provide schools with extra hand-held and tuned percussion for use in school if requested. (Limited stock)
  • Will help arrange and support performances when and where appropriate




We ask the school to: 


  • Pay the costs outlined in the application form. Once signed, the application form represents a financial contract between the school and Durham Music Service (DCC). The cost of the programme(s) will be divided into three payments: 34% Autumn Term 2020, 33% Spring Term 2021 and 33% Summer Term 2021. Durham LA schools will be charged via internal journal. Durham academies and all Darlington schools will receive termly invoices. Cancellation of provision is non refundable once the contract has been signed and/or the teaching has commenced. If you would like to amend your music provision at any time, please get in touch with us to discuss your options.


  • Nominate (a) teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) who will be the main contact in school for the programme(s). This school contact should:


  • participate in sessions
  • assist in planning and assessment
  • help organise performances.


  • Inform the DMS teacher about any pupils with additional needswho may require support.
  • Provide an adequate spacefor music making. (For example, larger groups of instruments may need use of the school hall)
  • Provide adequate storagefor instruments if required.
  • Provide supportto the Durham Music Service Teacher by assisting with class management and assessment.
  • Inform the Music Service Office in advanceif lessons need to be cancelled e.g. due to other school activities.





Length of Programme

Music Service Delivery

1 hour per week* for the year           


1 hour per week for the year (2 teachers WIND BAND programme)


1.5 hours per week* for the year


2 hours per week* for the year


3 hours per week* for the year


4 hours per week* for the year


5 hours per week* for the year



World Percussion/Street Band

1 hour per week* for 1 term                                              1145

1.5 hours per week* for 1 term                                         1395

School Choir/Musical Theatre/School Ensemble/Music Clubs

45 minutes per week                                                           1985

1 hour per week                                                                   2495

Live Music for Schools                                                     195

Curriculum Workshops                                                    150

I day Workshop                                                                  495

½ Day Workshop                                                                295

½ Day Workshop (2 staff)                                                495

Rock Workshops                                                               Please contact us for prices

Singing Assembly                                                             Please contact us for prices


World Percussion is only charged at higher rate if for a term’s enrichment. Whole year programmes are priced at standard


Shorter EYFS and Key Stage 1 programmes:

1-hour workshop                                                               145

Half Term programme (approx. 5 weeks)   465                        

1 Term programme (approx. 10 weeks)      895


In School CPD


1 hour                                                                                    175


Singing in Schools


Singing Training Scheme/Musical Play                       565/1095

School Choir/Musical Theatre                                        2495/1985

Ks2 Choir of the Year                                                       25

The Big Sing                                                                        195




One hour                                                                              150

Half Day                                                                                295

Whole Day                                                                            495


No. of pupils in Key Stage 2

Subsidised Provision (for one-year group)


1 - 50

30 minutes for 1 term


51 - 100

45 minutes for 1 term


101 - 200

45 minutes for 1.5 terms  


201 +

1 hour for 2 terms