If your child begins lessons in the first half of a term and can have eight or more lessons we will send you an invoice as soon as possible for that term's lessons. If your child begins lessons in the second half of a term and cannot receive eight lessons we will not charge you for that term.

You will normally receive an invoice for lessons in September, December and April. The invoice is for the current term's lessons and the invoice will be sent by post. The full list of payment options available to you can be found on the reverse of your invoice. If you would like to pay by direct debit please contact us and we can arrange to send you a direct debit mandate form, alternatively you can visit our Reports and Policies page, print out the direct debit form and send the completed form to Durham Music Service. We guarantee your child will be offered at least 24 lessons in a full school year (3 terms - September to July) and we aim to provide 30 lessons.

You have the option to pay your invoice in instalments, please note monies owed must arrive in our Durham County Councils bank account before the fifteenth of each month. Failure to meet the instalment date will result in the full amount owed to be paid immediately.  

Please note that if your child is unable to attend a lesson for any reason outside the control of Durham Music Service (e.g. school trip, illness, exams, forgotten instrument) this will count towards the guaranteed 24 lessons.