We are very excited to be able to announce that all Small Group Pupils will be given online Webcam lessons from the week beginning the 20th April. 

Staff will be in touch during that week to arrange the time for the lessons. They will normally happen on the same day as they would within school.

  • The parent will be sent a link to the lesson prior to the time.
  • Lessons will be taught in the same groups as usual

Please click below to see our full teaching policy for parents/carers and pupils.

Online lessons Parent and Student Guide

If you haven't received an email lesson by Wednesday 23rd April please contact us

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By being able to deliver our small group lesson  via webcam:

  • Pupils can make musical progress
  • Learn with an highly skilled teacher
  • Engage with their peers in a learning environment
  • Use Music as a tool to support their well-being
  • Continue to learn 'normally' in this challenging and disconcerting time.

We have set up a bursary for parents/carers that might not be able to pay for lessons any more as a result of the coronavirus, to make sure pupils can still learn. Please click here to find out more details