If your child is eligible for free school meals prices may be reduced:





Please note that the above charges may vary depending on the school your child attends, we offer a wide range of musical tuition and experiences as part of the extended life of schools. We make a charge to parents/carers for lessons but this does not cover the full cost – lessons are subsidised both by DMS (through funding from Arts Council England) and by schools. In order to support the full range of provision in some schools there is an additional charge to parents to help offset the cost to the school. This additional charge is 15%, 50% or 100% of the standard DMS tuition charge (at the choice of the school concerned).

Example – a school opts for an additional fee of 50%.

The standard tuition fee will be £53.50 and the additional charge £26.75, giving a total of £80.25 per term. The cost of lessons is still being subsidised by both DMS and the school. Lessons are still cheaper than private lessons or in other local areas. As an example comparable lessons in Northumberland would cost between £133 and £187 per term, lessons in the Tees Valley area up to £136, depending on group size.

Where students are eligible for Free School Meals additional funding means that tuition and instrument hire will continue to be subsidised with a tuition fee of £37.50 Where a student uses a DMS instrument one hire charge will be applicable per instrument, as now.

Please contact us if you have any queries or require any further information relating to our prices.