Launches Monday 29th June 1:30pm

Durham Music Service is thrilled to announce our new Durham Music Live.

  • A live 45min minute lesson
  • EVERYDAY at 1:30pm.

Building upon the success of our daily YouTube videos, these videos will be streamed live each day. Every day will have a different theme, and will need no specific equipment, PERFECT FOR PUPILS IN SCHOOL AND AT HOME.

Monday is Whole Class Singing

Bring joy and music into Monday afternoon with an uplifting vocal session. Aimed at Key Stage 2 but totally accessible to Key Stage 1 too.

Tuesday is Tiny Fingers.

Music for Early Years, join us from your settings, schools or homes for singing, actions, games and their might even be a puppet or two!

Wednesday is Ukulele & Singing

Dust of those Ukulele’s from the corner of the room, but don’t worry if you don’t have one.Yo can sing and join in as well. Fun for all at home at school aimed at Key stage 2

Thursday is Rhythm and Musicianship

Perfect for those pupils that do whole class instrumental learning. Develop your sense of pulse and music skills through body percussion, games and fun activities for all. Get the whole school or everyone at home involved; Joe Wicks eat your heart out!

Friday is Little Fingers

What better way to celebrate the end of the week, with an exciting and engaging musical sessions for Reception and Key Stage 1. Sing, dance and move while developing your musical skills.