To inspire ALL young people in our communities to enjoy music throughout their lives by

 providing a wide range of high quality and inclusive musical education opportunities.


  • To support and underpin the Key Improvement Priorities of Durham County Council’s Children & Young People’s Plan
  • To provide a progressive Music Service that strives to give every learner opportunities, access, progression, expertise and diversity from Foundation to Key Stage 5. 
  • To be inclusive and supportive within Every Child Matters outcomes and Education Development Service initiatives to ensure the development of quality learning situations where every child’s music education has the opportunity to flourish. 
  • To encourage more learners to take part in musical activities throughout all key stages both within and outside the classroom. 
  • To provide and facilitate compelling, relevant and diverse training and CPD for all staff in order to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of all learners.

Strategic Priorities         

Young People

  1. That we do all that we can to remove barriers to children learning to play an instrument.
  2. All children who play with DMS have the opportunity to take part in group playing.
  3. We aim to give our students the understanding and skills needed to enable them to feel valued and provide them with opportunities to make their voice heard.
  4. In our EYFS work we aim to enable all children to benefit from good quality Early Years music.

Organisational development

  1. Develop CPD offer to schools that will support them to develop good quality music curricula and teaching, in order that
  2. Ensure that all partnership work is inclusive and focusing on an area of inclusive practice that we need to develop.


  1. Inclusion aims are understood and shared amongst all the leadership group.


  1. Fluency around inclusive practice, embedding the vocabulary the workforce needs to ensure this.
  2. Performance management will support staff and encourage inclusive practice across the workforce.
  3. CPD Menu allows for opportunities for staff to develop skills and expertise in inclusive practice.
  4. Workforce is representative of the local demographic and includes those with protected characteristics.
  5. New and casual staff are fully aware of core values and inclusive agenda.
  6. Staff are all aware of digital resources available to them and the positive impacts that can have on their inclusive practise.

For full Inclusion strategy please click link below