Durham Music Service complements our existing curriculum by helping children develop required  musical techniques in order to achieve end of key stage expectations. They have been a fundamental part of our music curriculum for the last 10 years and we love working with them to continuously develop our music provision at Reid Street.
Children thoroughly enjoy their lessons with the Durham Music Service staff and they provide  exciting and engaging lessons to cater for all learners.

Natalie Perry, Reid Street Primary School

Every child can explore the magic of instrumental learning as part of the First Access scheme. These programmes introduce pupils to instrumental learning in a fun and inclusive way. They are carefully designed to develop pupils’ love of, confidence and progress in music, while also enhancing their personal and educational development as a whole.

  • Recorder
  • Strings
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Woodwind
  • Wind Band
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Rock & Pop
  • Digital

Sessions include a wide variety of musical activities and build musical understanding in a progressive and fun way. The use of voice is integral to the sessions and can contribute to overall vocal development within your school. Each school can access subsidised teaching time to put towards our range of programmes of up to two terms of provision FREE (dependent on school size). Please contact us to find out more about your subsidy.

1 hour per week for the year

1 hour per week for the year with 2 teachers WIND BAND programme 4,460
1.5 hours per week for the year (2x45mins) 4,040
2 hours per week for the year 5,235
3 hours per week for the year 7,715
4 hours per week for the year  10,375
5 hours per week for the year 12,595

I loved doing mini trombone First Access in year 4 so much
that I wanted to carry on. Playing the trombone is great.
It makes me feel happy and I enjoy playing it. I like reading the
music and I like the happiness I feel when I can play it right!


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